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360 Tof Camera Fusion

Deep Learning Driven Image Segmentation, Semantic Object Detection and Identification

First Perspective From NOVABOT Visual Perception


High-Precision Positioning First View From NOVABOT


Computer vision

Computer Vision is an interdisciplinary field that allows computers and systems to interpret and understand what’s around them. It utilizes deep learning techniques – image processing, convolutional neural networks, and advanced processing algorithms – for processing images and returning information as if part of the human visual system. Using digital images taken through our hyperbolic 360-degree camera, Novabot in real-time can detect and identify objects including the lawn, people, pets, and cars. Moreover, it enhances area segmentation and guides Novabot around the designated perimeter. By working in real-time, Novabot can easily avoid any sudden changes in the optical field to ensure the safety of our customers.

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