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Mowing has never been so easy


The Novabot is the first truly fully intelligent, automated lawn mowing robot. Equipped with a high-definition panoramic camera, a dedicated edge computing board and industry-leading algorithms for high-precision map building and positioning, it makes tedious wiring a thing of the past, with setup and installation easily accomplished in less than 10 minutes while avoiding the hassle of fraying unsightly wires.


Vision Intelligence System


Novabot is the latest solution for the application of next-generation autonomous driving technology for home functional robots, created through the joint efforts of the LF team.



Intelligent Map Building


Thanks to our RTK-GPS Systems with 0.8” level accuracy, our NovaVision System enables Novabot to detect the edges and boundaries of lawns accurately enough to trim the borders without wires. Our NovaVision System integrates AI algorithms with self-driving technology. 


Automatic Detection & Active Obstacle Avoidance


One of the concerns we hear the most from clients is whether autonomous robot systems are smart enough to avoid obstacles and learn their environment. With our 360° HD Panoramic Camera and other obstacle detection sensors, Novabot is always aware of its surroundings even as they change. It can scan obstacles, people, and pets in real time.


Automatic Route Planning


With NovaVision, intelligent mapping, and obstacle avoidance, Novabot will scan your lawn during the first use to get an immediate understanding of the size, shape, and elevation grades of your lawn. It will learn where permanent obstacles such as a swimming pool or trees are located. This will allow Novabot to configure your lawn into different zones allowing lawn customization.


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Forget about hard working

Stay with your family and leave the works to Novabot

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