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About Us

LF Intelligence is dedicated to applying international artificial intelligence algorithms and robotic vision technology to products that improve people's lives.

Based on science and technology, LF Intelligence prioritizes users through ongoing technological innovation, expert brand management, and marketing operations. We utilize domestic and international resources, cutting-edge staff, and robust technology to ensure users are provided with the latest trends and upgrades in agricultural artificial intelligence (AI). We strive to continuously meet consumer demand for intelligent service robots to enhance the user experience and make global lawn care easier.

LFI has an international and professional technology R&D Team, with key personnel from the GRASP Robotics Lab at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the top Universities in the United States. Using Computer Vision and Higher Precision Positioning and Localization our first product is called NOVABOT, the first cable-free, complete, and fully autonomous and AI-integrated self-lawnmowing robot.


Our team has in-depth knowledge in various realms, such as computers, robotics, applied mechanics, mechanical engineering, etc. As a result, we can continuously incorporate the most advanced software algorithms and technological trends for user needs. We will also offer more innovative products to meet the user's requirements for intelligent service robots.

LFI keeps innovating and breaking through ourselves. We dare to try not to stay in our comfort zone. LFI believes innovative technology will make life easier.


October 2019

Establishment Of Philadelphia Headquarters


September 2020


The Concept Of The First Product-Visual Intelligent Lawn Mower Came Up


Establishment Of Shenzhen


July 2020-July2021

Recption Of $1.4 Mil. Seed Rounds



December 2021

First Version Demo Prototype Proofing, 7000 Sq.M. Cutting Area, Preliminary Function Testing


Establishment Of Suzhou Branch


December 2021

Obtaining $5.3 Mil.
In the Angel Round Financing


November 2021 - January 2022

Crowdfunding $1.7 Mil. In the
Indiegogo Campaign


January 2022


Product Definition Adjustment, Launch Of The Second Version Of 2000 sq.m.Cutting Capacity


Establishment Of Chengdu Branch


May 2022

Establishment Of Silicon Valley Branch


June 2022

Establishment Of Beijing Branch



Establishment Of Optical &
Perception Center


Building Up The Supply Chain System, Establishing the ODM Cooperation With Well-Known Domestic Robot Manufacturers


Completion Of The Engineering Prototype Proofing, Software & Hardware Testing Before Casting



Completion Of The Engineering Prototype Proofing, Software & Hardware Testing Before Casting




Top global robotics and vision products + software + hardware team

we have set up the Perception and Optics Research Center of LFI to complete the research and productization of a full-stack vision optical system and vision algorithm.

LFI has established an R&D team of more than 30 senior engineers, including 4 PhDs. The rest of the engineers graduated from well-known universities in the U.S and abroad, such as CSU, Tsinghua University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

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Caio Mucchiani


Yulai Weng



Mengwei Zhang



Wenxin Liu

Director/R&D VP


Our purpose and objectives

Our Culture

Diversity, Diligence, Dignity, and Dedication

Our Vision

Revolutionize the AI lawncare industry

Our Mission

Become the number one manufacturer of intelligent robot systems for agriculture and expand into other industries. We hope to apply our innovations to other sectors such as intelligent transport and climate change monitoring. 

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